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In addition to the general legal information that you can access through this website, Illatransfers offer essential information that as a user and/or consumer you must need to know. Please read carefully.


Once you click and proceed to book or request our services and when appropriate, you pay, a commercial relationship has been created between you and Illatransfers.

Illatransfers is governed by the legal guidelines on consumer and/or user protection, as well as, under the regulations and rules for land transport services of the Balearic Islands.

We remind you that, once you access the payment platform, it is necessary that you read the conditions of use and privacy of that platform. Since the entire payment process will be governed by its conditions.


When making a reservation to search for or take you to the airport you must consider what has been agreed through the web. Place agreed, time, and you compromise to transmit the right and necessary information, which Illatransfers can execute its services in the best way.


If you cancellate during the 48 hours before the execution of the contracted services. The full refund will be made through the same means by which the payment was made.

We consider and comply with the measures on the Covid-19 that the competent authorities dictate at any time. In the same sense, as client you must comply with the necessary sanitary measures. For more health information go here.

Illatransfers is governed by the Municipal framework for public passenger transport and auxiliary and complementary activities in Palma. For more information click  here. And as a user in addition to, the rights of a general nature recognized in the legislation of consumer protection, data protection law, services of the Information Society law, you have the following rights:

As for the driver

  • Receive the service under basic conditions of equality, non-discrimination, quality, safety, and preference within the request time.
  • Be attended during the provision of the service with the appropriate correction by this.
  • Express yourself in any of the official languages.
  • Be helped by the driver to get on and/or off the vehicle in case of reduced mobility problems.
  • Get help from the driver to load or unload luggage from the trunk if you are carrying it, etc.

As for the vehicle

  • Access a clean vehicle with the driver neat.
  • Choose the graduation of the volume of the sound and the temperature of the interior. Open and close the rear windows and require the opening or closing of the heating or air conditioning systems.
  • Know the license number of the taxi and the current rates.
  • Get on or off the vehicle in a place where safety is guaranteed.

During service

  • Choose the route you consider most appropriate.
  • Obtain an invoice or receipt containing all the data of the service: price, origin and destination of the route, tax identification number of the licensee, license number and license plate of the vehicle.
  • Transport free of charge a guide dog or other assistance dogs for people with reduced mobility.
  • Complaints or denunciations can formulate a complaint or complaint against a service electronically or through postal mail.

Important information

When the complaint or complaint is by telematic means, it must be identified with the digital certificate or equivalent. Admitted certificates (nationals and foreigners). Learn more.

The person submitting this form must do so on his or her own behalf. In case you need to fill in a form, contact  Mobility Palma

Whether the complaint is made electronically or by postal mail, the following must be considered:

  1. Specify the reason(s) for the complaint.
  2. Accompany the complaint with the receipt issued by the taxi driver, which includes your personal data:
    1. License number
    2. NIF
    3. Vehicle registration
    4. Price of the trip
    5. Date of service

For any questions or queries additional to this information, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or by email. All contact details are on the home  of the web.